Early Childhood

Ganon Tots: Developmental Goals

Ganon Tots, is our program for children turning 2 years old by September 30th.  The Tots classroom  provides a comfortable, 5 day a week preschool experience for our youngest learners.  The children learn in an environment that is patient and positive, with an educational philosophy that provides a teaching style and curriculum that encourages personal growth and development of every child.
The children participate in many sensory based activities such as; art, music and movement, outside fun, and dramatic play.  Children are encouraged to explore their environment,  choose activities, take care of simple self-help needs, and to use words to express their wants, needs and ideas.  Because Tots are growing and learning at such a rapid rate, the teachers are constantly monitoring  and adjusting the curriculum to meet their changing interests.

Ganon Tots Developmental Goals

List of 5 items.

  • Cognitive Development

    • Sings ABC’S – become familiar with the concept of letters
    • Becomes familiar with the concept of numbers and counting
    • Knows their age
    • Shapes – identifies basic shapes circle, square, triangle, heart, star
    • Colors – identifies basic colors
    • Begins to classify objects: big/small, hot/cold, wet/dry
    • Puts together simple puzzles
  • Language Development

    • Responds to name when called
    • Begins to express needs using words: communicates with teachers
    • Building active vocabulary
    • Using short sentences
    • Looks at books independently – turns pages, looks at pictures
    • Begins to repeat songs and finger plays
    • Understands and uses words to express feelings and emotions
  • Physical Development

    Fine Motor
    • Strings large beads
    • Plays happily with play dough, sand table, water table
    • Color with crayons, chalk, markers
    • Rips paper
    • Glues paper
    • Enjoys and follows finger plays
    Gross Motor
    • Demonstrates running, jumping, climbing
    • Climbs stairs, beginning to alternate feet
    • Dances/marches to music
    • Rides trike
    • Demonstrates throwing and catching a ball
    • Developing special awareness
  • Social and Emotional Development

    •  Separation from parents/caregiver
    •  Follows simple classroom routines
    •  Follows directions
    •  Practices sharing
    •  Begins to take turns
    •  Plays independently
    •  Begins to interact with peers while playing
    •  Participates in group activities: music and maagal (circle time)
    •  Sits for increasing length of time
    •  Learns to clean up after playing/snack/lunch
  • Self Help

    • Sits at table while eating
    • Eats independently
    • Cleans up after eating – throws trash in can
    • Hangs coat on hook
    • Attempts to put on coat/shoes/clothing
    • Covers mouth when coughing
    • Wipes nose
    • Working towards being “potty” trained

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